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Club Rules and Etiquette

Curling is a game of "rules" and "unwritten rules" ... a way of keeping the historic dignity of the game. At York Curling Club we respect the following:

Ladies League Rules
  1. Footwear: You are required to wear curling shoes or clean footwear that is designated for curling only.

  2. All League games must be played on the posted date unless changed by the games committee. (i.e., if the full team is away at a bonspiel, they must forfeit; or if both teams agree that they can't make it, then it is declared a tie).

  3. Spares:

    1. It is the responsibility of each player to arrange for a spare and advise his or her skip.

    2. A team must have at least 2 original members and at least three players to play any game.

    3. Spare position is specific to the leagues. These will be listed on your league schedule.

  4. When you are the skip and you know in advance that your team is unable to play in a scheduled game, advise the skip of the opposing team as soon as possible. It can cause hard feelings when one team is on hand to play a game and the other team fails to show.

  5. If a game is delayed because a skip does not have enough players, he/she must forfeit 1 rock and 1 end for each 10 minutes. The game is totally forfeited after one half hour (30 minutes).

  6. Once a team has 3 players, the first rock must be thrown at the scheduled time or as soon as the ice is ready (late draw). A team with only 3 players must have the lead and second throw 3 rocks each.

  7. Once you have thrown your rock, do not rest you hand, knee or elbow on the ice as it can damage the ice surface (create a flat spot) for the remainder of the game.

  8. To expedite play:

    1. Players shall not set up rocks for the opposing team.

    2. Players should be in the hack and ready to throw by the time the opponent's rock has come to rest.

    3. Front end should set up their own skip's rocks.

  1. After the first end is complete, positions of players cannot be switched. If the 4th person arrives after the 3rd rock of their team has been thrown, that player cannot throw until the following end.

  2. Do not gather around the hack or house when your opponent is preparing to make a shot. When you are a sweeper, your position is on the side lines between the hog lines.

  3. A skip standing at the back of the house should keep perfectly still and avoid doing anything which will disturb the concentration of the opposing player in the hack.

  4. Once the game has started, in no way disturb a curler in the hack. Keep your distance, be silent and motionless. This will make it easier for him / her to concentrate on the shot.

  5. Do not walk or run across the ice when a player is in the hack and do not get in the way of the opposing sweepers. After sweeping a rock, walk back down the edge of the sheet in single file.

  6. No end should start 1 hour and 50 minutes after the start of the game.

  7. Scoring and play-off rules are specific to each league.

  8. A score card with date, teams and vices' signatures must be entered after each game, indicating the score and the ends won / lost.

  9. If a team concedes prior to eight ends, the un-played ends shall be divided evenly between the two teams.

  10. At the end of the game, whether you win or lose, give each of your opponents a handshake, thank them for the game and arrange to meet in the lounge for drinks. Etiquette suggests that the winning team offers to buy the opposing team the first drink. Then the opposing team reciprocates.

For detailed curling rules, view the Canadian Curling Association's Rules of Curling For General Play.


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